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July 30, 2010 in Burglar alarms

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Ten thousand years ago one of our early human ancestors, at the demand of his spouse, took out the trash.  This is a ritual that we continue today on a weekly basis.  Instead of taking the trash to the curb of a paved street, our unwashed and grunting ancestor threw his trash in a pile on the outskirts of his community.  Minutes later, a nearby pack of wild wolf-like creatures perked their ears as they picked up the interesting scent.  They tracked down the trash pile and began to feast on the strange food items prepared by the mother-in-law of the caveman in question.  To the good fortune of the wolves, the caveman detested his mother-in-law’s cooking, and so the pack was well fed.  The pack began to scavenge the trash pile on a regular basis.  There was no longer any need to hunt or scavenge elsewhere.  The wolf pack and the human started to run into each other frequently, and over a very long period of time, they began to tolerate each other’s company.  Ten thousand years pass, and the ancestors of the wolf pack and the ancestors of the caveman, are best of friends.

Dogs not only provide inter-species friendships, they can also provide personal and home security.  If you are looking for a canine companion that can also protect you and your home, these are some of the breeds you should consider:

1.  German Shepherd

Tried, tested and true, this breed is a favored by police.  With training, their level of discipline is unrivalled, yet they retain a friendly and playful personality in the absence of threat.  They are highly intelligent, and produce a fearsome bark that will raise the hairs on the neck of any human.

2.  Rottweiler

Power, is a single word that might describe this breed.  They are strong, trainable and fearless.  Well raised and properly socialized Rottweilers can be friendly household pets in spite of the bad press they receive.  Well raised ‘rotties’ can quickly befriend household children and make great protectors; any perceived threat against their little human friends will be met with force.

3.  Doberman

With the speed and agility of a Greyhound, and the power of a Rottweiler, this breed is considered by many to be the perfect guard dog.  Their aggressiveness has made them the popular choice in guarding commercial properties.  If there is any doubt in your mind about their abilities as a guard dog, just take note of the instinctual fear you experience on sight of one of these creatures.

4.  Husky

Calm, intelligent, and at times mischievous, Huskies have no problem emulating their wolf cousins when a threat arises.  It is their genetic proximity to a wolf, and their intelligence that makes this breed an excellent guard dog.  Not blindly jumping to aggressive action, Huskies walk softly and carry a very big stick.

Seek good breeders, socialize them early, obtain expert advice, and you can earn yourself a worthy protector, and loyal friend.

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