Homemade Burglar Alarms

July 16, 2010 in Burglar alarms

Are you interested in protecting your home from burglars, but lack the funds to invest in a comprehensive security system? One way to save lots of money on burglar alarms is to make your own. Homemade burglar alarms may not be as sophisticated as some of the comprehensive security packages you can get installed, but they can provide some security at an ultra-low price. If you are interested in making homemade burglar alarms, be sure that you have some experience in do-it-yourself electronics. Some of these projects may put you at risk for electric shock, so be careful.

One very easy method for making homemade burglar alarms is to splice an electronic alarm onto a motion sensor light bulb. Most major hardware stores will sell the components for this particular style of homemade burglar alarms for very cheap. To assemble one of these homemade burglar alarms, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $20. Be careful if you decide to go with these style of homemade burglar alarms, as they can be difficult to disable and, depending on where you place them, they may set off false alarms frequently.

Another technique for making homemade burglar alarms is to modify electronic door chimes. These door chimes are usually pretty cheap, and they operate on a simple premise: when someone opes a door or window, it seperates the two parts of the device and the change in current makes a ringing noise. Usually, this noise isn’t very loud, so you need to tinker a little bit to get the homemade burglar alarms to be truly effective. You can wire several of these to one central panel with some ease. For instance, each door or window, when opened, can set off an alarm and perhaps an LED light in the master bedroom to alert the head of the household of a potential break-in.

There are plenty of other methods to design your own homemade burglar alarms, but even the basics require some knowledge of electrical work. If you don’t know how to splice wires or how to manipulate flow of electrical currents, you should probably read up before attempting any homemade burglar alarms. If you have a background as an electrician, you can find some more detailed plans for sophisticated homemade burglar alarms. Many community colleges and trade schools offer classes that teach basic home security electrical wiring, so you may want to look into that if you’re interested in making extensive and comprehensive homemade burglar alarms.

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