Is it easy to disable burglar alarms?

March 28, 2011 in Burglar alarms

One of the best deterrents of keeping intruders away, burglar alarms is a necessity of every family in US today. With the rising crime rates and social instability, protection of the family and possession is on everyone’s mind. And considering that any burglar is smarter than what they were a decade ago and can disable the alarms has intensified the search for better quality burglar alarms in the market. Current statistics show that nearly every 12 to 15 seconds, there is a burglary in US. Doesn’t that sound alarming?

With advanced techniques and technological sophistications, burglar alarms have incorporated the cutting edge innovations to be fool-proof and any burglar is aware of this fact. However, to keep up with the changing technology and better security systems, they keep themselves updated so that disabling alarms is easy. Not only do they use innovative methods, but use simple solutions that actually baffle homeowners who rest peacefully thinking their homes are safe at all times.

However, the truth remains that yes, burglar alarms can be disabled by smart burglars. In most cases, the sensors on windows and doors operate on magnetic connections and if any of the doors or windows on the security system loop is opened, the magnetic connection is broken, the alarms are triggered. However, in keeping pace with technology, today’s burglar is smart and all they do is slip in a piece of tin foil strip between the magnetic connections to bypass the sensors. This stops the alarm for buzzing. Basically the tin foil does the same job as the magnetic connection does and there is no breakage within the magnetic connection so the burglar can easily getaway with the goods. The tin foil is one of the most inexpensive and simple ways of maintaining the connection and alarms are not triggered.

Usually alarms have sirens that are connected to the electric circuits of the house or office. So in case, the connecting wire is cut or there is a power outage, the complete security system including sensors will be rendered useless.  Thus, when you are searching to buy an alarm system, select the one that has a battery backup facility. However another common way the burglar can bypass the security is by breaking the glass. This is especially worrisome if the glass does not have sensors. However, with their skill most of the intruders manage not to disrupt the magnetic sensors of the burglar alarms and get away before the burglary is brought to the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

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