Burglar alarms features to look for

March 21, 2011 in Add-ons,Burglar alarms,Buying an alarm

Before you actually start shopping for burglar alarms, you need to be clear on two important aspects of these security systems. Check if you are aware of the types of burglar alarms available in the market and what are the features or aspects of these when you intend buying one. Additionally the two basic categories include the security alarms systems that can be installed as a DIY project and the other which requires professional installation. But if you have the skills of doing it yourself, you will be able to save on installation costs. But those who are not proficient about doing it on your own, it’s best to get a professional installer to do it.

With a variety of available burglar alarms available, you can mount them on the doorways and on the walls. This is extremely helpful as the neighbors can be alerted if there is any burglary during your absence. Law enforcement agencies always stress on proper placement of alarms such that it alerts the neighbors and police is informed at the right time. The alarms are operated by infrared sensors when the beam is broken during an intrusion.

Most of these are activated by sound or motion detectors but if you have kids at home, this might be a hassle. So consider this fact when you are contemplating purchasing burglar alarms. However, the sensitivity variability of the alarm systems can be adjusted and false alarms can be avoided. However, it is best to consider the advice of a professional if you have doubts. This will help you avoid extra costs and expenses later.

What to look for while shopping for a burglar alarms

  • · Check the company: It is best to do a complete market survey and make sure the short-listed company has proper reputation and credentials. It is best to check the credentials of the company representatives that you intend dealing with. It is best that proper licensing and work permits are available when burglar alarms are to be installed.

  • · Get free quotes from different companies before buying the right one: It is best to compare the features, price and benefits of the system that you intend buying along with the company service and maintenance policies.

  • · Check with the insurance company, if they are approved it: Most insurance companies approve of burglar alarms that have been approved by National Approval Council of Security Systems. It is best to check if the local law enforcement agencies approve of it.

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