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Buying an alarm

Dispelling the myths about burglar alarms

As with any other consumer electronics product on the market, there are always myths or false claims that you will encounter when you are shopping around.  The same holds true for burglar alarms whether they are hard-wired or wireless.  From the very basic to the highly sophisticated alarms, you are going to hear a variety […]

Before you purchase any burglar alarms here are 6 things to consider

Every year, over 2 million homes are victimized by a burglar, hence the growing popularity of burglar alarms throughout the US today.  You can purchase very basic alarms or those that are extremely sophisticated.  It all depends on one’s budget.  However, before you purchase any of these burglar alarms, here are 6 things that you […]

Burglar alarms features to look for

Before you actually start shopping for burglar alarms, you need to be clear on two important aspects of these security systems. Check if you are aware of the types of burglar alarms available in the market and what are the features or aspects of these when you intend buying one. Additionally the two basic categories […]

Tips on Buying Burglar Alarms Systems

If you are not sure about what you really want, the innumerable burglar alarms available in the market can pose a challenge to your decision. Sifting through thousands of different brands and varieties of the security systems can be frustrating as you plan to buy the most comprehensive burglar alarms within your desired price range. […]

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Are Wireless Burglar Alarms Worth Considering?

If you’ve been in the market for burglar alarms, you know how many are available on the market today. This could make your purchasing decision a challenge, but just remember that these alarms protect your family, home, and possessions whether you are away during the day of home for the night. The intelligent burglar typically […]

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Burglar Alarms Costs to Consider

If you’re currently shopping for burglar alarms, one of your primary considerations is going to be the price, especially if you are trying to determine your budget.  There are a number of alarms that are currently available on the market, so finding the ideal one that will protect your family and home from a burglar […]

Before You Purchase A Burglar Alarm

If you are contemplating and installing one of the burglar alarms available on the market today, there are specific considerations and other critical information that you should consider.  One of these considerations is whether or not to approach the installation of these alarms from a DIY standpoint or to hire the services of a professional […]

Considerations regarding burglar alarms

Burglar alarms were designed and developed for the primary purpose of protecting one’s family and home from the wrongdoings of an intruder.  A burglar victimizes a home about once every 12 seconds in the US today and in most cases, it is a residence that has no alarms installed to protect the property.  They are […]

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Are Burglar alarms a sound investment or a waste of money?

All too often, there are myths and opinions regarding burglar alarms that are negative in nature. Many individuals have felt that installing these alarms has given them more peace of mind than what they had before they were installed. While others feel that they are a waste of money – until they are victimized by […]

Facts regarding burglar alarms that are on the market today

Installing burglar alarms proves that you value the safety of your family and home as well as providing one of the best security measures you can take in order to keep any burglar from victimizing you.  Many alarms on the market today are very sophisticated compared to what they were even 10 years ago.  The […]

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