Dispelling the myths about burglar alarms

April 11, 2011 in Burglar alarms,Buying an alarm

As with any other consumer electronics product on the market, there are always myths or false claims that you will encounter when you are shopping around.  The same holds true for burglar alarms whether they are hard-wired or wireless.  From the very basic to the highly sophisticated alarms, you are going to hear a variety of “falsities” about every one of them.

Remember that your goal is to protect your family and home from the activities of a burglar and that is your sole purchase for purchasing one of the burglar alarms currently available.  Here are 7 myths that you will most likely encounter during your search:

Myth #1:  Burglar alarms are too expensive false.  Due to technological advancements and new innovations, you are going to be surprised at how inexpensive burglar alarms are today.

Myth #2:  Only professionals should install your systemfalse.  The avid DIY’er can install burglar alarms if they have the necessary skills and tools to perform the job as it is not that difficult.  Besides that, this is a great way to save money.

Myth #3:  Monthly payments and a service contract are always requiredfalse.  Although commercial burglar alarms may require this, this isn’t always the case with residential systems.  Never let company salespeople or their installers tell you that contracts are required.

Myth #4:  Your neighbors will get annoyed by your burglar alarmsfalse.  Most of your neighbors are going to appreciate the fact that you installed a burglar alarm system.  Additionally, neighbors that you have a good relationship with will more than likely be “watchdogs” for you and your home whenever you are gone on vacation or overnight.

Myth #5:  Hiring a monitoring company for your burglar alarms is too expensivefalse.  Granted, some 24-hour monitoring companies will charge you extra, but other companies may include this in the sales contract and even the installation.  You can purchase an auto-dial system which will connect your alarms with local emergency response organizations (fire, hospital, and police) so you do not suffer if a burglar attempts to victimize you.

Myth #6:  A burglar really isn’t deterred by burglar alarms totally false.  Most burglars are going to avoid those homes that have an alarm system installed.

Myth #7:  I don’t need to worry about burglaries or installing burglar alarms because I live in a good neighborhood – FALSE! Without a doubt, this is the biggest misconception of all.  In affluent neighborhoods there is a greater likelihood that a burglar will victimize someone in that neighborhood.

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