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Burglar alarms

2013’s Top 4 Burglar Alarms

Company Price Alarm Features Services 1. Web: FrontPointPhone: 866-328-3023​ 34.99 per month or more Wireless Alarms Video Streaming Feature Controlled Remotely Home Automation Add-ons Burglar Monitoring Life Safety Monitoring Smoke & Fire Monitoring Environmental Monitoring 2. Web: LifeShieldPhone: 866-270-7809​ 29.99 per month or more Remote Access 24 Hour Monitoring Home Automation Wireless Alarm Systems Alarm […]

Can Home Security be Achieved in a Cost-Effective Manner?

One of the biggest reasons that consumers will pass on investing in a burglar alarm is based on the costs involved with owning one. Even though you can get a free burglar alarm for a small installation fee and a monthly charge under $40, people still balk at the idea simply because they believe that […]

The basics of burglar alarms that everyone should consider

There are 3 primary components of basic burglar alarms that you need to be aware of if you are considering installing any of these alarms in order to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home and stealing your valuables.  These include: the central control panel additional detection devices a siren or sounding device Your […]

Dispelling the myths about burglar alarms

As with any other consumer electronics product on the market, there are always myths or false claims that you will encounter when you are shopping around.  The same holds true for burglar alarms whether they are hard-wired or wireless.  From the very basic to the highly sophisticated alarms, you are going to hear a variety […]

Before you purchase any burglar alarms here are 6 things to consider

Every year, over 2 million homes are victimized by a burglar, hence the growing popularity of burglar alarms throughout the US today.  You can purchase very basic alarms or those that are extremely sophisticated.  It all depends on one’s budget.  However, before you purchase any of these burglar alarms, here are 6 things that you […]

Is it easy to disable burglar alarms?

One of the best deterrents of keeping intruders away, burglar alarms is a necessity of every family in US today. With the rising crime rates and social instability, protection of the family and possession is on everyone’s mind. And considering that any burglar is smarter than what they were a decade ago and can disable […]

Burglar alarms features to look for

Before you actually start shopping for burglar alarms, you need to be clear on two important aspects of these security systems. Check if you are aware of the types of burglar alarms available in the market and what are the features or aspects of these when you intend buying one. Additionally the two basic categories […]

Tips on Troubleshooting Burglar Alarms Systems

With the level of crime and uncertainty rising all over the country, people are becoming more conscious about installing security systems and burglar alarms to safeguard their families and properties than in the past years. When the home is protected with alarms and the burglar has no clue while trying to break in, the chances […]

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Are burglars intimidated by security systems or burglar alarms?

It is a fact that there is a break in every 15 second in US and still many individuals feel that burglar alarms are an unnecessary expense. However, with spiraling crime rates in nearly all cities of US, not having an alarm system might pose a risk to your own security. In most cases, burglars […]

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Security Steps to Take before Installing Burglar Alarms

There are numerous benefits of installing burglar alarms in homes and more homeowners are realizing the value of getting them installed at home. Not only do these alarms protect you and your family but prevent the possessions from being stolen.  Additionally, when the burglar knows that a home has alarms installed, it keeps them at […]

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