Burglar Alarms Costs to Consider

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cat burglarIf you’re currently shopping for burglar alarms, one of your primary considerations is going to be the price, especially if you are trying to determine your budget.  There are a number of alarms that are currently available on the market, so finding the ideal one that will protect your family and home from a burglar might be somewhat of a challenge initially.  Keep in mind that the most cost-effective burglar alarms will both monitor and protect your entire home perimeter.

The basic reasoning is that if your alarms  stop a burglar from entering your home, then there is less opportunity for them to harm you and your family or steal your possessions.  You want to look at burglar alarms that keep the perimeter guarded around the clock.  The better systems that monitor your home’s perimeter provide you with the best security possible because the alarms are triggered as soon as a burglar tries to cross over onto your property.

The newer burglar alarms are now more sophisticated than ever and you can program them to identify intruders just by their shape and weight.  So should a child crawl out onto your lawn or a piece of fruit falls from a tree, the alarms usually won’t be triggered.  Additionally, if you have a larger home, are away a lot, or reside in a remote area, you should consider installing a monitoring system that provides you and your family with additional security.

The least expensive burglar alarms that offer sufficient protection will run you about $200 and include standard components including:

  • window sensors
  • surveillance cameras
  • door sensors
  • control panel and keypad

As the price of these alarms increase, so too does the level of sophistication.  Remote monitoring is another key consideration there is company that monitors your property and they will alert the police department should your alarms get triggered.  These burglar alarms can cost you up to $1,000.  Plus you will have to pay monthly monitoring fees of approximately $30 for this service.

Additionally, they will most likely want you to sign up to a 3-year contract.  Where maintenance is concerned, you may spend up to $300 annually to keep your alarms in proper operating order.  Talk with your insurance provider as well since many of them have built relationships with numerous burglar alarms companies and know which ones offer the best values and the most services.

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