Alarm Installation: DIY or Professional Setup

February 15, 2011 in Burglar alarms,Setup

One of the decisions that need to made when installing burglar alarms is deciding between having a licensed professional install it or just doing it yourself.  The skilled DIY’er can handle a variety of home projects.  However, the installation of alarms to protect your family and home from a burglar can be considerably challenging.  This is especially true with the hard-wired burglar alarms that are on the market today.  Granted, installing the system yourself may cut your costs as much as 50%, but if you don’t have electrical skills, you could make mistakes and pay additional costs.

The better DIY burglar alarms which require no electrical knowledge are the wireless alarms.  You will have the same level of security and family as well as your home will be protected as well as with the hard-wired systems.  These are considerably easier to install and are the preferred choice of DIY’ers compared to hard-wired systems.  So as you can readily imagine, there is much to consider if you want to tackle the job yourself.  However, there are certain advantages to hiring a professional to do the installation.

The primary advantage is that you always have an experience professional at your disposal whenever you need them should there be a problem with your burglar alarms as well as for regular maintenance purposes.  Conversely, there are many small retailers who are well-versed at helping the DIY’er throughout the process.  You can purchase DIY alarms from a number of retailers and maintain long-term relationships with them.  This comes in handy when you want to purchase more components or turn to them for maintenance, repairs, and service should the situation ever arise.

With all the new home construction going on today, many homes have burglar alarms installed during the building stage by professional installers.  This is now very common in the new home construction industry.  So should you turn to the services of a professional installer or do it yourself? There are two considerations to be aware of when answering that question.

  • First and foremost, consult with a pro if own a larger home and there is a large piece of property you want to protect.  This may necessitate a VSS or video surveillance system that monitors the property in its entirety.
  • Secondly, you should always hire professional installers if you have purchased hard-wired burglar alarms, especially if your home is not already pre-wired for this or if your electrical skills are lacking.

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