Confronting a Burglar

August 4, 2010 in Burglar alarms

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Did you know that 60% of home burglaries occur when the occupants are at home?  That was the bad news.  The good news is that most burglars have their eye on the prize and would rather avoid a confrontation.  This makes conflict unnecessary most of the time.  So what is one to do during an unauthorized entry?  That depends on the circumstances of the situation.  Knowing your options and making preparations will increase your success rate and help you make the right decision in the heat of the moment.

Top Tips Regarding Confrontation:

1.  Run Away

Running away is an excellent tactic.  In fact, it is probably the optimal strategy given an available escape route.  Developing efficient escape routes and routines can increase your chances of getting away safely.  Remember, you know your home better than the burglar, you have the home field advantage.  Unfortunately, this tactic fails when you are backed into a corner, or there is something that you need to protect (e.g. family members).

2.  Choose Your Weapon

Look in your immediate area for an object that can assist you.  Memorize the locations of these objects and visualize using them in a confrontation.  Improvised weapons in the form of blunt objects, such as a cane or a frying pan, have proven successful in many real world situations.  Take Gwyneth Davies for example.  At 86 years of age, she repeatedly whacked a 26 year old intruder with her crutch and held him at bay until the police arrived on the scene.

3.  Become a Karate Master.

You don’t really need the title of ‘Karate Master’ to reap the benefits of martial arts training.  Training martial arts can be beneficial for your health, and your personal security.  Regardless of age, gender or body type, martial arts can be fun and extremely educational.  Within the martial arts community there are many unique paths of study.  It is highly suggested that you consider training in Krav Maga, an easy to learn and effective defence system that is taught worldwide:

4.  Never Risk Your Life Protecting Material Objects

Preparing for such a situation can be empowering, but the purpose at the end of the day is to survive.  Usually, confrontations can be avoided by walking, or even running away.  Burglars are interested in the score; they rarely enjoy a conflict.  When in doubt, run away and live to take flight another day.  Never take an unnecessary risk for personal property, let the insurance take care of it.

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