Accessories for burglar alarms to consider

December 21, 2010 in Add-ons,Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms have found a significant place in both the commercial and residential market.  In addition to protecting one’s family, home, and possessions from being victimized by a burglar, these alarms also ensure that office furniture and other related equipment is not stolen.  Burglar alarms today come in a wide range of quality and sophistication levels so you want to be sure and do some thorough research so that you select the one that best targets your needs.

Whenever you purchase your burglar alarms and have them installed, there are several accessories that you may want to consider purchasing prior to having them installed.  The following is a list of recommended accessories that you may want to consider:

Spike suppressors

If you have a hard-wired system, spike suppressors protect your burglar alarms in much the same way that they protect your computer.  Power surges can be potentially damaging to your hard drive.  The same holds true with a hard-wired security system.  These protect your system from working as aerials that conduct electricity from your household appliances such as computers, lighting, and refrigerators for example.  If there is electrical interference, your alarms could be triggered even without the presence of a burglar intruding.

Accessories to enhance the system

Panic buttons have become extremely popular as an enhancing accessory to burglar alarms.  These buttons are unobtrusive and are usually mounted in a number of convenient locations around the home.  Anytime you sense the threat of a dangerous situation, you simply hit one of the buttons to trigger your alarms.  Even when your system is turned off, panic buttons are always operating which provides you with around the clock protection.

Additional detectors and sensors also enhance the effectiveness of your burglar alarms is that they add more protection.  Roller shutter contacts for shutter doors are an example of this and add an additional protection layer by safeguarding your shutters against an intruder.

Extension speakers and sound bombs other accessories to consider as these emit a high-pitched screech of 100 decibels or more.  Suffice it to say, it is an ear shattering noise that drives a burglar away and protects your family and home in the process.

Timers can also be added to your alarms and can be set to count down from 60 seconds or less.  They enable you to disable your burglar alarms whenever entering the home or give you sufficient time to leave it once you have enabled the system.

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