Burglar alarms -additional security considerations for the home

December 24, 2010 in Add-ons,Burglar alarms

Granted, burglar alarms have become an excellent line of defense for protecting one’s family, home, and valuables from an intruder.  These alarms have gotten extremely sophisticated over recent years out of necessity as the modern day burglar as become very ingenious when it comes to victimizing families and homes.  However, many individuals make the assumption that burglar alarms will provide them with sufficient protection and alleviate all their worries.

Just remember that burglar alarms are only as effective as the additional security precautions that are taken when installing them.  Here are some suggestions for some added measures to take in order to make your system more effective:

The most common entry point is a window – the burglar today still prefers entering a home through an accessible window.  These are typically the most vulnerable part of the home alarms systems.  Knowing that your windows are secured as much as possible means that an intruder will have too much difficulty trying to enter your home.  Make sure that you have a stronger glass installed and that you always lock them.

Your doors are the second most vulnerable entry point – for better protection, they should be constructed from durable and strong materials.  Additionally, you may want to consider installing pick-proof or pick resistant door locks and additional dead bolts to make your doors more secure.  Additionally, if you keep a spare key for entering the home, make sure that it is well hidden in a place where a burglar wouldn’t consider looking for it.

Home surveillance that allows you to monitor the home when you are away – there are certain burglar alarms that come with additional home surveillance equipment that will enable you to monitor your home (or office) when you are not on the premises.  They can record and store any activity that has gone on while you are away so that you can view it later in the event of any security brief occurring.

Don’t forget the dog – as silly as it sounds, even though the home canine was once the first line of defense years ago, don’t overlook their importance.  Trained guard dogs compliment burglar alarms by adding more protection and security to your current system.  If you cannot afford a trained guard dog, acquiring a larger breed for a pet can also deter a burglar from intruding.  You can also take your dog with you for added protection anytime you leave the home.

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