Understanding and Testing Burglar Alarms

February 23, 2011 in Burglar alarms

Everyone knows that in today’s times, having a burglar alarm is important for the security of your family and possessions. There maybe just a few things that is more nerve shattering than a burglar trying to break in with the intention of stealing or robbing and causing bodily harm to your family. With these intruder alarms, you can safeguard your family but these burglar alarms need to be constantly tested to ensure that they are working properly.  This is an important step otherwise your safety is at stake.

You can start by completely going through the manual that came with the system and it will provide you with all the details needed to operate it. Testing the burglar alarms would be part of it. If you are not clear about the functioning of the system may lead to malfunction or even false alarms going off. When you plan to test the system, it is best to let every family member know so they are not taken by surprise and it is just common sense to inform prior to testing it.

It is essential to know how the system can be disarmed and let everyone at home know where the security key is. Additionally, having all the right disarming codes with you is important.

However, if you are still unsure or in doubt, call up and ask the service company as the last resort. They have the knowledge and experienced technicians to walk you through the complete process of testing and checking. If there are any issues with the functioning of the system, they’ll be able to check if any part of the burglar alarm is malfunctioning.

Before you start the testing process, close all the doors and windows that are remotely connected with the security system. Basically, just secure all of these, as you would if you were to leave the house. Now comes the real phase of testing. Start by activating the burglar alarms and put in the right codes. To check and really want know if the system is working as per requirement, start by testing the sensors. Trip over each sensor so that each of these activates the alarm individually and hear them.

It is a good idea to test and then activate the alarm system after you have completed the checking and testing process. Having proper safety measures is important at home and at the office to ensure that your possessions and family secure at all times.

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