The Reasons Why A Burglar Hates Wireless Burglar Alarms

October 22, 2010 in Burglar alarms,Wireless

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Undermining the illegal activities of a burglar using burglar alarms has been a common practice in recent years.  These alarms are by far the best way to deter an intruder and are something that they hate to encounter when trying to burglarize a home.  For the sake of avoiding burglar alarms and being caught in the act, intruders today are getting pretty creative in their techniques.  If they discover that you have a hard-wired system, it is pretty easy for them to disable them by simply cutting a few electrical wires.

However, if you have installed one of the wireless burglar alarms that are currently available on the market today, a burglar will have a difficult time trying to dodge these alarms.  Wireless systems came about due to the creativity exhibited by these criminals when they were out performing their “dirty deeds” and have grown steadily in popularity over the hard-wired systems.  Here are some of the reasons why burglars today hate these wireless systems.

Wireless burglar alarms are less conspicuous and oftentimes go unnoticed by intruders.

They are much easier to install than hard-wired systems and if a burglar is scoping out your neighborhood and sees you installing one of those types of alarms, he’ll know what to do in order to break into your home.

One of the reasons that many individuals are turning to wireless systems over the standard hard-wired systems is the cost factor.  They are relatively inexpensive and even a DIY’er with minimal experience can install these systems.  It follows that the installation is inexpensive as well since you might be able to do this yourself.

Wireless burglar alarms typically feature some type of automatic dialing component.  The system is capable of handling multiple contact numbers so that both you and the proper authorities can be contacted if your home is being burglarized.

Since there are no wires to cut, the burglar cannot disconnect your alarms by cutting any wires like they can with hard-wired burglar alarms.  And this is most likely the primary reason that they hate wireless systems.

Most importantly, your system can be linked with a monitoring service that watches over your home 24 hours a day, whether you are home or not.  There is a greater chance that a burglar will be caught in the act should they break into your home and are not aware of the fact that the alarms have been triggered.  The authorities can be alerted to their presence in your home without their knowledge of it.

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