Why does home security involve more than just installing burglar alarms?

February 9, 2011 in Add-ons,Burglar alarms,Setup

Granted, one of the basic steps that you should take for improving home security so that you can effectively protect both your family and your valuables involves the installation of burglar alarms.  What most people overlook today is that installing basic alarms will be sufficient to protect their family, home, and valuables from a burglar.  Unfortunately, too many homeowners and their families have learned the hard way that there is more to home security than just installing burglar alarms.

Aside from the importance of having you home protected with burglar alarms, there are other considerations to be aware of.  One of the most important factors to consider is how secure your doors and windows really are.  Believe it or not, consider how secure your windows are before looking at your doors.  Surprisingly, illegal entries are more commonly made through first story windows than doors.  You can install window locks and/or change your windows to ones that have a double pane.

Don’t kid yourselves.  Doors, like windows, are another very common weakness where security is concerned despite the statistics about windows.  Any entry door, no matter where it is positioned in the home should be bulky and solidly built.  Solid wood always makes for the most secure door on a home.  Unfortunately, many homeowners have not spent the money and installed this type of door to compliment their burglar alarms.  Additionally, make sure that they all have at least one deadbolt installed in them.

These are the critical considerations but we haven’t dealt with the exterior yet.  Remember first and foremost that darkness is a burglar’s best friend even if there are alarms in place.  It makes sense then that if the dark is their ally, light is their worst enemy.  An unlit exterior is an open invitation to be victimized, even if you’ve had burglar alarms installed.  Additionally, overgrown shrubs and other areas provide the intruder with a place to hide so they are not detected.

Motion sensor lighting can be installed anywhere around the home’s perimeter and well it should be.  You should have at least one motion sensor light installed right above the garage door, especially if you typically enter your home through the garage.  Any entry doors such as your front door, back patio doors, and side doors should be protected with motion sensor lighting as well.  Just remember, the more inviting you make your home look, the more likely you will eventually be victimized.

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