How To Test Your Burglar Alarms

October 13, 2010 in Burglar alarms,Setup

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We are well aware of the fact that burglar alarms are an ideal way to protect your family, your home, and your possessions.  Nothing is scarier than a burglar entering your home and stealing your possessions or possibly causing harm to you and your family.  These alarms are the best way to hopefully prevent this from happening.  However, burglar alarms won’t keep you safe if you don’t make sure that they are operating properly and test your system on a regular basis.  Here are some suggestions for testing yours.

Read your instruction manual – not only does it teach you how to operate the system, it will instruct you how to test your burglar alarms as well.  Not fully understanding how the system functions is the primary cause of false alarms.

Understand how to disarm your system – keep your disarming codes and/or your security key close by and make sure everyone in the home knows it.

Call your service company if in doubt – when all else fails, your service provider will always take the time to walk you through the entire testing process.  They can also see if any parts of your burglar alarms are malfunctioning.

Inform everyone who is at home that you are testing the system – a prior warning is just considerate and common sense.

Close and lock the doors and windows – the doors and windows that are protected by the system need to be secured first.  Just pretend that you are leaving the house and secure things as you normally would.

Begin the test operation – once you have completed the above steps, activate the test mode by punching in the proper codes.

Each sensor needs to be tested – some of the better burglar alarms will tell you which of the sensors to test.  However, you still want to walk around the home and trip every sensor of the system individually.  Make sure that you hear the alarms as you trip each of the sensors.

If you have smoke detectors, you need to test them as well – press the test button on your smoke detectors to ensure that it sounds off.  If you have heat sensors, warm your hands up for about 30 seconds and then touch the sensor to see if it responds.

Finish the test and re-arm your burglar alarms – de-activate the test mode first and then re-arm your system once the test shows your system is operating properly.

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