Are wireless burglar alarm systems better?

March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you are shopping for burglar alarms, it is good to know that broadly categorized, they are wireless and hard-wired. The basic difference is that hard wired alarm systems can be directly connected with the electric system of the house while the wireless, as the term is, does not need any wiring. But as both work well in keeping your home safe from intruders and intimidating burglars, you can buy as per your budget. Just a few years ago, the only burglar alarms that you could buy were hard wired but with the changing technology, wireless systems have got an edge over the other.

If you want to compare and then buy, here are some of the advantages of wireless burglar alarms over the basic hard wired alarms:

Budget: It is best to first consider your budget before you go and shop around for burglar alarms. Even though the hard wired alarm systems are less expensive, the wireless ones turn out to be nearly equal, once you pay for installation and other secondary expenses.

Ease of Installation: It is easier to install wireless systems as you do not need to move around furniture or drill through walls. If you are one of those who prefers DIY projects, installing a wireless system is a breeze.

Mobility Features: If you are looking to move residences soon, wireless burglar alarms are for you. As these do not require wires, you can just take it and move it with you. Conversely, hard wired systems can be relocated but the costs are very high due to the associated removing and rewiring.

Safety Aspects: Worried over the rumors of hacking and disabling wireless systems? Well, that is not true. It is very difficult and tedious to break into a secure wireless system. After all wireless alarm companies would have thought about it before launching them.

Extending coverage areas: It is easier to extend the coverage area by adding sensors and motion detectors in a wireless system than a hard wired one. With no wiring or drilling needed, extending the coverage area is simple with wireless alarm systems. Basic alarm systems cover 8 zones but you can extend with sensors and detectors to cover areas that have nearly 18 to 20 zones.

Thus, if you have been indecisive about purchasing a burglar alarms system, hopefully you will be able to better judge your priorities and buy accordingly. After all, the safety of your family and home is at stake, so choose wisely.

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